Humanitarian Assistance

We know that disasters—whether natural or manmade—can strike anytime, anywhere, and the ability to quickly mobilize is critical. With more than 20 years’ experience supporting rapid response to more than 1,000 international disasters, we have fully streamlined our systems to support the front lines immediately. We deliver real-time, on-the-ground information, logistical and technical support before, during and after emergencies.

As a leader in this field, we understand that effective response efforts start with analysis and assessment, training, logistics support and rapid response. Macfadden coordinates management strategies and solutions to prevent, prepare for, respond to, mitigate and recover from disasters. Our team has decades of experience and a first-hand understanding of complex emergency response needs, having provided humanitarian relief in more than 60 countries. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Disaster risk, reduction and mitigation
  • Capacity building and training
  • Strategic communications campaigns to catalyze public support
  • Policy and planning to reduce food insecurity and improve global health outcomes
  • Pandemic planning and emergency response
  • Supply chain management and logistics 
  • Cartographic analyses 
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning