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Meet Victoria Johnson - Macfadden's Geographic Information Specialist at USAID OAPA

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A member of the Macfadden USAID DCHA program team since 2012, Victoria serves as the Geographic Information Specialist under our Institutional Support Services contract.


Victoria supports the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, known as OAPA. She is OAPA's sole provider of cartographic and geo-spatial support and covers a variety of essential tasks. She works closely with the OTI and OFDA geographers as well as the GIS Specialists in Kabul and Islamabad.  She also provides significant support to her department and team on a number of duties including mapping-out security incidents in Afghanistan and polio cases in Pakistan; analyzing satellite imagery; and contributing to an open data world map known as OpenStreetMap. In recognition for her outstanding Data Quality and Visualization in support of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Victoria recently received an official Certificate of Appreciation at an OAPA Award Ceremony.

When asked what she finds most rewarding about her position, she stated "In OAPA, my work is visible everywhere. It's on everyone's cubicle walls and in leadership's offices, in meetings, in briefings. My work has been on the Hill and in front of high ranking members of the military. It's extremely rewarding to know that I am a member of a team that values my contributions."

Victoria graduated from George Washington University in Washington DC. Before joining Macfadden, she has worked for GeoEye (an American commercial satellite imagery company), the government of New Zealand, and the US Census Bureau.  In her free time, she enjoys experimenting in the kitchen (unusual ice cream, mostly), hiking, and skiing.

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