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Macfadden Disaster Donations Expert Offers Disaster Relief Guidance in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

E-mailPrint January 25, 2013

Juanita Rilling, a Macfadden employee currently serving as Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Center for International Disaster Information (USAID CIDI), spoke recently with editorial staff at Nonprofit Quarterly to share valuable insight about disaster donations best practices and offer guidance about how communities and citizens can provide “smarter” disaster relief.

In the aftermath of the devastation resulting from Superstorm Sandy, Rilling emphasized that unsolicited material donations are typically counterproductive to relief efforts and stressed that despite public sentiment that cash donations are impersonal; they are truly the most effective means of supporting people who are affected by disaster events.  Unsolicited material donations frequently hinder relief efforts by clogging supply and distribution chains and diverting relief workers time and attention. However, Rilling clarifies that legitimate gifts-in-kind can be helpful when a supplier delivers needed supplies to a relief organization through a pre-existing agreement. 

An excellent resource for disaster relief guidelines, USAID CIDI works to inform the public, religious and community groups, diaspora, embassies, non-profits, corporations, and governmental organizations about the best ways to provide international disaster relief. Macfadden has supported USAID CIDI through a prime contract with USAID since 2008. 

Read the article “How to Do Disaster Relief Right” found in the online edition of Nonprofit Quarterly published January 24, 2013.


Macfadden and Alter Modus International Support USAID Syria Workshop

E-mailPrint January 21, 2013

Working under subcontract to Alter Modus International, Macfadden supported a recent Syrian Crisis workshop hosted by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM).  Prominent Syria country experts gathered in Washington, DC, to discuss current conflict dynamics and political transition implications.

Read more about this important project in the article “Ongoing Effort for Syrian Crisis” published in USAID’s Impact Newsletter (January 18, 2013).


CIDI Director, Juanita Rilling, Discusses Disaster Donations on NPR’s All Things Considered

E-mailPrint January 9, 2013

Highly regarded disaster donations expert, Juanita Rilling, recently spoke candidly with NPR’s Pam Fessler about how to channel public good intentions that often result in overwhelming piles of clothing, canned food, toys and other unsolicited material donations. In this podcast aired on NPR’s All Things Considered radio program, Rilling recounted colorful anecdotes from her many years supporting international relief efforts and offered a compelling rationale for replacing in-kind donations with monetary contributions that can be utilized quickly, effectively, and where they are needed most.

Listen to the original podcast of NPR’s All Things Considered, “Thanks, But No Thanks: When Post-Disaster Donations Overwhelm.”  A written transcript of the podcast is also available.


Macfadden Awarded Contract to Provide IT Program and Project Management Services to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

E-mailPrint December 3, 2012

Macfadden announced today it has been awarded a contract to provide IT program and project management support services to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Macfadden will support the HHS Office of Finance, Office of Program Management and System Policy, an office tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the HHS-wide Unified Financial Management System (UFMS).  Under this prime contract award, Macfadden will provide strategic functional support for UFMS including IT program and project management services such as task order management, Oracle Financials functional expert support, Oracle Business Intelligence functional expert support, enterprise architecture, IT audit and internal controls support, and financial systems policy and acquisition planning.  Since the initial award, Macfadden has been
actively involved in supporting key system upgrades and is working closely with the OCIO, COR and key stakeholders to document current system architecture and the future business intelligence and dashboard reporting architecture.


Macfadden Awarded Contract to Support USAID’s Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

E-mailPrint October 2, 2012

Macfadden announced today the company was awarded a prime contract to support the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA).  Macfadden will support ASHA in its mission to provide grants to private, non-profit universities and secondary schools, libraries and medical facilities abroad.  These grants strengthen the capacity of these institutions while demonstrating U.S. advances in education, and medical technology and practices in areas of research and training. 

Each year, an average of $20 million in funding is awarded to approximately 35-45 grant recipients through the ASHA program. Under this 2-year contract (with 3 option years), Macfadden will provide administrative, technical and program support in planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating the program. Macfadden will also provide technical and financial guidance to assist ASHA with the grant implementation process.

Macfadden will administer all ASHA assistance awards and provide program management assistance to coordinate and monitor the various phases of the grants management process, as well as produce a variety of information products and provide public information management support, financial and information management system support, information technology support and audit support.


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