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U.S. Coast Guard - Active Projects

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U.S. Coast Guard - Active Projects

coastLogo Macfadden has proudly served the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for over 20 years, earning trusted partner status through a combination of proactive problem solving, domain expertise, reliable execution, flexibility, and cost control. We are committed to helping the USCG achieve organizational excellence, supporting mission-critical financial and personnel security systems and providing financial management and business operations support. Today, we have nearly 40 contractor personnel supporting USCG across Headquarters, the Security Center (SECCEN) and the C4IT Service Center's (CG-6) Asset Logistics Division (ALD). Work locations include: Telecommunications and Information Systems Command (TISCOM) in Alexandria, Virginia; C4IT-SC Main Street Towers, Norfolk, Virginia; the Command, Control and Communications Engineering Center (C3CEN) in Portsmouth, Virginia; and C4IT-SC, Oakland, California.


Financial Management Support Services for USCG C4 IT SC ALD

Macfadden provides the Coast Guard’s Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Information Technology (C4IT) Service Center's Asset Logistics Division (ALD) with support services in the areas of financial management, business management, auditing, property management and technical writing. Through this contract, Macfadden provides support at ALD locations including the Telecommunication and Information Systems Command (TISCOM) in Alexandria, VA; the Operations Systems Center (OSC) in Kearneysville, WV; the C4IT Service Centers in Norfolk, VA and Oakland, CA; and the Command, Control and Communications Engineering Center (C3CEN) in Portsmouth, VA. These services are a part of a broader C4IT Service Center mission objective to unify Coast Guard Information Technology structures and business practices into a single mission support model for the entire Coast Guard.

Business Operations Support Services for USCG FINCEN
(subcontract to ITC)

Macfadden provided business operations support services for the U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) accounting functions at the USCG Finance Center (FINCEN) for more than 15 years. This includes tasks needed to operate the USCG Core Accounting System (CAS), ongoing recurring accounting activities, as well as data integrity and audit support. We supported enterprise-level system processes that require expertise in the Oracle Federal Financials application and modules. We also provided CAS support for the Transportation Service Administration (TSA) and the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO). Our work included financial system analysis, audit remediation, recommendation of baseline system changes and enhancements as financial subject matter experts, and testing and analysis of financial system functional changes.

Technical & Administrative Support for USCG SECCEN

Macfadden currently provides technical and administrative support services to the U.S. Coast Guard Security Center (SECCEN). Macfadden’s mission-critical IT support and administrative support services for SECCEN systems include the Electronic Fingerprint Transaction System (EFTS), and the USCG Vehicle Decal and Personnel Suitability and Security Clearance Databases. Tasks supported include maintenance, modifications, help-desk support, user training, data entry, tracking data information, shipping/mailing vehicle decals and issuing user names and passwords.

Technical Writing & Financial Support Services for USCG HQ

For over seven years Macfadden has provided the Office of Financial Policy & Systems, Financial Division at USCG HQ in Washington DC with financial management and technical writing support. Technical writing activities focused primarily on the maintenance of the USCG Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM). In addition, Macfadden provided financial support for the Assistant Commandant for Resources. Macfadden staff assisted with monitoring and reporting on prior year financial transitions and provided additional budget analysis support. Services provided included updating and maintaining key USCG publications including the Financial Management Support Manual and property management documents such as those used to track disposal, decommissioning and retirement of USCG boats and vessels. Macfadden also created a lifecycle document detailing the publication process.

Transportation Security Agency (TSA)

Macfadden provides Budget/Finance support to the TSA, Office of Security and Capabilities (OSC). This includes assisting the OSC staff within the various programs and the support organizations with business planning, budget presentation, and budget analysis and execution. Macfadden also procures services in preparation of integrated OSC budget documents by gathering and consolidating programmatic documents from the budget and finance staff within the various programs and support organizations within OSC.

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