Employee Ownership


Macfadden’s mission as a professional services firm is to promote and support the safety and security of people, information and critical infrastructure assets around the world. We fulfill this mission through the use of individual and collective expertise to deliver quality services to our customers. As an employer-owner we expect our employees to understand our corporate capabilities—not just within their own areas of responsibility, but across other departments and business segments. By thoroughly understanding all that we can offer to our clients, our employees can help ensure that we are prepared to respond to new opportunities as they arise. We expect our employees to gain an understanding of the big picture, learn about the company and areas outside of their own roles, and see how they fit together. Whenever a client interacts with one of our employee, they are working with an owner.


When employees think and act like owners, the competitive advantage is enormous. We encourage our employees to think about what they do on a daily basis in their position at Macfadden and then within the larger context of how it affects the overall business. We expect our employees to develop a mindset of shared responsibility to evaluate how decisions, programs or situations will affect the company’s best interests as well as your fellow employee-owners. Employee-owners take responsibility for the results and work toward a common goal—building a thriving company.